About the Journey

UNL’s institutional commitment to anti-racism and racial equity is an extension of the University’s N2025 strategic aims to emphasize inclusive excellence, enhance the student experience, increase our research and creative activity and engagement, and provide professional development and learning experiences for faculty, staff, and students. The Journey reflects the need for us to operate and function differently; leverages and highlights the scholarship and engagement of our faculty, staff, and students who study and examine the intersections of race and social, economic, and health inequities; positions our institution to better understand and address structural barriers stemming from systemic racism; facilitates productive dialogue and learning; and fulfills our mission to serve as the University of Nebraska's flagship of higher education, learning, and scholarship.

To this end, the Journey for Anti-Racism and Racial Equity will take all of us to advance the University’s education and learning activities, capacity for institutional change and accountability towards equity, research and creative activity, and campus and community engagement. We believe addressing anti-racism and racial equity is critical and essential to enhancing our mission and reputation in teaching, research, and service.

While we recognize the pervasiveness of racism in institutional structures, we believe that we have an opportunity, responsibility, and intellectual prowess to address this societal challenge.